Where Should I Place My Air Purifier?


PLACING AIR PURIFIER: An air purifier is a useful option for maintaining air quality in your home. They are excellent devices to remove harmful pollution. However, the location of the filter can affect its ability to remove these pollutants. So, what is the best place to install an air purifier in the room?
Essential considerations for inserting an air purifier into the room are safety and air circulation. Put the device in a place where no one will pass or run, but don’t think that it means you can hide it in the corner or stick to the wall. The air purifier has an inlet and an outlet, and these things must be transparent and open. Generally, an air cleaner requires an area of 1 to 2 feet in all fields to operate efficiently. The filter should not be placed on all sides against the wall or corner. Buy a unit with an air inlet at the front and top if you want to attach it to the wall.

Where should I place my air purifier?

  • I always wonder where I should place my air purifier but I came to learn that if you want the air cleaner to work effectively, you need to know where to put it. The best place, in theory, will be in the middle of your room. But you should also consider the principles of dissemination.
  • The principle of scattering means that flying particles will begin to move through the chamber, keeping the same distance. The vacuum created by the fans of the air cleaner will drag the particles during the flight. This means that placing the air cleaner at one end of the room will increase the air filter. And the cleaner can clean the air through the room.
  • This idea and climate flows are presented in the image below. The position of the air cleaner is at the bottom of the room, and there are no obstacles nearby. A real example of life could be if you have a TV on the wall and an air cleaner underneath. But of course, TVs can’t be too close. If not, it will block the increase in airflow. To get the best location for your air cleaner, think about the area you work with and which room will benefit the most from an air cleaner. The most popular place to place an air cleaner in a baby room is because it has a higher risk of indoor contamination. But there are other places where you can put your air purifier to get clean air.
placing air purifier

The whole house placement

  • The best air purifier is large enough to support the entire home. Placed near the air conditioner inlet for continuous airflow, most of the filtered air circulates through the house. Be sure to keep the AC unit and the filter clean. Otherwise, the air filter in the room will not have much effect. Since the air conditioner will not run continuously during the cold season, enhance changing tactics .Also place the air cleaner in the middle as much as possible. Ensure you avoid placing the air purifier near the oven, consuming a pipeline.
  • Warning: Although devices such as ozone generators can act as a form of domestic air purification. But it is not safe to appear in a room with a practical ozone generator. Besides, breathing ozone is dangerous, so beware of any air that during operation creates ozone as part of the process.

 In the corner

  • Placing an air cleaner in the corner of the air stream may catch airborne particles, leaving the room clean and fresh. Besides, positioning the device at an angle that helps reduce travel risks moving a purifier to the middle of the room can work faster. But it won’t be much more convenient and can be dangerous if you or others want to move freely in that room.

Behind the sofa

  • Most air purifiers act like smokers. Devices that rely on activated carbon or carbon are good examples of technology that purifies itself by absorbing toxic substances, compared to being allowed to stay in the atmosphere of the.
  • Placing the purifier behind the sofa in place where the smoker sits will remove smoke in the atmosphere and decrease the odor associated with the smoke. For best results, place the air cleaner close to the most used ashtray to speed up the filtration process.
  • If you choose to use activated carbon, know that you will need to remove it and fill it occasionally. Besides, coal does not clean the area of ​​contaminants. It only contains gaseous substances and, in some cases, can harden them. When disturbed or sufficiently stirred, the solid in the powdered carbon is again released into the atmosphere.

 Near the door

  • The UV-purifying air near the door can act as a shield to filter bacteria and other microbes as they enter the room. This will reduce the anger that can occur throughout the home and can be helpful for people with asthma.
  • Placing the UV lamp in a highly polluted area, for example, near a dive tube in an internal cooling system, will prevent the formation of standard mold and other harmful substances.

In the kitchen 

  • In the kitchen, use UV lamps and HEPA filters and place the appliance next to the oven or a few feet away from the waste. Due to its suitability for bacterial growth, it is necessary to have UV-purifying air and the HEPA compound will remove all dead germs from the air so that you can breathe fresh and fresh air.

In the Bedroom

  • If you want to place and use an air cleaner in your bedroom, leave a space between 15 and 30 cm from where you put the air cleaner on your head and the direction of the register should point you. Put it less than five feet from your bed. You may feel like a body, and on the other hand, if you put it more than ten feet from your bed, you may not get the full benefit of breathing fresh air and filtering. For best air filtration, some models should be placed in the middle of your room. However, if this is a problem for you, you can choose a 360-degree filter and put it 10 cm from the feet of the wall.
  • Also, when looking for an air cleaner in your room, choose a model with a “sealing system”. The sealing system separates filtered air from dirty air to ensure to get clean, fresh air from an air purifier. You should have the air purifier for 24 hours and set up as much as possible. If you find it noisy, use the highest setting when you are not in the room during the day, and at night, when you want to sleep, you can change it to a lower value.

Additional Tips

  • Place the air cleaner close to the worst odor source. Although the pollutant is odorless, offenders in most families often do. If you have a baby or young child at home, the small UV cleaner in your child’s room will help you sleep more safely. In general, try to keep the air purifier in an area with an adequate amount of airflow to filter as much dirt out of the air as possible.


  • When installing an air purifier, remember that it is necessary to clean the filters regularly. Some air purifiers have lights that indicate dirty filters. But some machines require you to check the condition of the filter regularly. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s specific instructions for removing and cleaning each appliance.
  • Lifting the air cleaner not only But it will prevent the danger of just tripping But it also increases the efficiency of cleaning the floor to ceiling, catching faster items closer to the limit We recommend raising the height by no more than five feet floor, and we can do this by placing an air cleaner on furniture such as a wardrobe to save space and increase floor cleaning.

Things to consider before buying an air purifier

Noise factor

  • • One of the biggest problems using an air cleaner in the bedroom is the noise. In your room, you need to use the quietest cleaner. Otherwise, it will destroy your sleep. One mistake people often make to buy filters with less capacity. Because they think this room doesn’t have a big air purifier to work with Just before people found out that the air purifier worked at full capacity and that there is too much. If you have an air purifier for a room of 500 to 900 square feet, it will work very well in a square foot room.

Pollution level and room size

  • There is no doubt that the most important factor to consider when buying an air purifier is the size of the room. You need to know the size of the room the air purifier will use. The unit must have enough energy or capacity to filter the air in the office several times in an hour. I suggest going to an air cleaner for your larger room. The air pollution is highest when you use the air purifier for the first time. Its primary purpose is cleaning 80% of the pollution and cleans the air purifier if it’s necessary. For the first time, after cleaning the air you can use the air purifier with moderate power just to keep the air clean.
  • Besides, you need to think about the constant source of pollution and the amount of pollution provided, such as – pets, smoke cooking dust and many other things. If you want to filter the air effectively, set a target for air changes at least 3 to 9 times an hour. The more pollutants, the heavier the hour will change.
  • Room – air purifier, structure and the shape of the room also is important compared to other factors. Besides, more important reason as to why you need to go to an air cleaner is more efficient and really necessary. Things like poles and curved rods will change the direction of the airflow. The numbers in the specifications do not include these issues, and all tests are done in excellent laboratory conditions. Do not place the air cleaner anywhere where anything could block the airflow. Otherwise, it will significantly reduce efficiency.

Which air purifier should you choose?

The type of air cleaner you use is just as important as where you put the machine. Some filters are designed to remove bacteria and mold, while others may help remove dust and pollen.

You need to consider the type of pollutants you want to remove and look for a suitable filter. Typical filters include:

  • HEPA purifiers
  • Ozone
  • Ultraviolet lamps
  • Activated carbon
  • Negative ion

Tips to increase the efficiency of an air purifier

  • In addition to putting the air cleaner in the right position, there are additional methods to ensure the best performance. First of all, close the doors and windows. Like air conditioners, air purifiers are less effective when you want to clean the air in the room and the air that enters the room from outside the building.
  • While you need to close windows and doors, make sure the room has good air circulation. Proper airflow allows air to reach the filter further, helping to clean the air faster and more efficiently.
  • Avoid placing the air cleaner near other electronic devices. The filter can intermix some items, including microwaves, televisions, and stereos.
  • It may be necessary to change or clean the filters periodically to maintain the efficiency of the air purifier. Most air cleaners use some type of filter to help remove pollutants from the air. When these filters are clogged with accumulated debris, they are less effective. Always check the instruction manual to determine how to deal with dirty filters.

In Conclusion

When looking for an air purifier for your room, choose a machine with a sealing system. The sealed system keeps separate clean and dirty air. Keep your air cleaner 24 hours a day. The highest setting is recommended, but it can be very high. Rotate the device fully when you are not in the room and lower it when you are in the room.

Before buying a machine, check the warranty, the type of filter used, and how often it is necessary to change the filter. It’s recommended that you purchase a replacement filter at the same time as you purchased the machine so that the air filter stops when the filter expires. Observe the finish of your filter in a prominent place so that you don’t forget to change it when the time comes.