Prattville Water Works – Prattville, Alabama

Introduction of Prattville Water Works :
In September 1948, the Prattville City Water Working Group was established under Article 37 of the Alabama Code. The purpose of the council was to acquire, build, execute, conserve, improve, and expand the water system in the city of Prattville and the surrounding territory.

The current council consists of and is under the control of three committees appointed by the Prattville city council. Daily operations are managed by the executive director and the office manager.

The current team consists of 36 employees, including eight administrative employees and 28 employees of the water and maintenance system. The team is composed of 9 service providers certified by ADEM, from Grade II to IV, and is also an urban collection agent for sanitation and sewerage services.


The stock council currently provides water services to approximately 11,500 residents and 950 business accounts in service areas. The system operates 15 deep wells, 11 warehouses, and more than 800 kilometers of distribution lines.

The system had only deep wells as a source of Water until January 2001. At that time, due to the growth of the population in its covered areas, it was necessary to develop surface water resources to meet growing needs.

This was achieved by forming a five-star waterproof district, along with four other systems, namely Wetumpka Water & Sewer, Millbrook City Triple Works Council, and Holtville Water Systems. Now Prattville has received Water from 30% to 40% of the five-star zone.

Water Bill Adjustment Policy in Prattville waterworks

Policy adjustments and exceptions in water management a rarely made by the water works board. This only happens due to exceptional circumstances that may show special consideration. Do not ask to adjust your water bill, as is the case with the meter assembly customer, if you believe special events may occur. General leaks are more common, usually without the ability to adjust the water cost.

Water costs are calculated to comply with legal requirements for water system operations and maintenance and to meet refund requirements. The Water Service Council is a utility system that delivers water to customers, not an insurance company that guarantees the Water. Too much due to accidents, carelessness, inattention or negligence on the part of the client

Water Bill Adjustment Policy

The point of sale of Water is in the assembly of the meter. When Water passes through the metric assembly, the water system performs its duties. We cannot check the condition or operation of the water service lines and equipment after they leave the point of sale. This is the responsibility of the customer.

When the water system delivers water to the customer at the point of sale, the pipeline charges the cost of providing that amount. The commission’s policy is to collect all the Water delivered to that customer’s customers because if they don’t, this cost will be paid by all the other customers of the system. This will not be fair and will punish customers who maintain the facilities correctly, carefully, and on purpose.

We hope this helps to understand and appreciate why our policy does not make any adjustments unless there are some unavoidable and extraordinary situations.

Frequently asked questions about Prattville Waterworks

What is the water meter?

A water meter is a device installed on a service line to accurately measure the number of water customers use. There is a standard set by the American Water Specialists Association that defines the level of accuracy that meters need to operate.

Meter manufacturers ensure that these standards are met when the meter is purchased for a water system. These standards ensure that the Water used by customers is measured accurately and fairly. Despite these standards, there will be situations in which consumers question the accuracy of the water meter.

What causes Water to change color?

The color in the Water is usually caused by organic substances, minerals, or mineral layers in the tube. We regularly wash the water system to clean the minerals and other sediments from the pipes.

If you drain Water, let the tap flow until the water is clean. Such substances generally do not cause harm to health. However, we ask that you report any case of color change so that we can investigate.

Does my water meter work fast or record a lot?

Except that no, the home water meters can’t record much, the results will always remain in the recording period. In a calibrated house of a hydrometer, the movement of the measuring element, called a piston, is sent by gear to the recorder.

The calibrated meter will always be recorded correctly, provided that the cylinder still makes the correct number of turns for each gallon flowing through the meter. If the piston cannot determine the number of turns per unit volume required, the meter reading will be recorded.

(Results will be under-recording and not under the circuit will depend more on the recorder)
Under normal conditions, incorrect recording can occur due to several


  • Too much wear
  • Extreme temperature
  • Erosion
  • Suspend material

An abnormal low-level detection can be used as an indicator that the meter is experiencing one of the problems listed above and therefore, needs to be replaced.

Why does my meter read higher?

This can occur when the existing meter is replaced with a new meter, which provides more accurate measurements of water consumption. This increased accuracy will result in higher water bills for consumers.

Losses in the plumbing, remaining outside faucet, operation, increased watering, or other events of unusual use can result in an abnormal increase in the plumbing.

Should I buy a filter copy at home?

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, home care units are rarely needed for health reasons. Most often, water treatment units are used to remove substances that have an effect on the aesthetics of Water.

If you choose to install a medical unit at home, it is crucial to follow the manufacturer’s maintenance instructions, as improperly controlled units can cause water quality problems.

The Water Bill Adjustments

Current water quality meters are very accurate, and everyone tests their accuracy before using them. Read the water meter every month. Your consumption and water calculation are calculated from the meter’s readers.

If water use is very high, immediately check the pipes and fittings connected to the Water. At your location to find possible reasons for excessive water use. Check for leaks in the bathroom. Leaks in the waterproof Water, and potential leaks in the water pipes, leaking faucet, or other leaks.

The water table is responsible for the maintenance and repair of the plumbing. Main Water by metric layout but the customer is responsible for maintenance. Tey upkeep, and repair of all plumbing, in addition to the intermediate settings.

In Summary

Do not ask to adjust your water bill, as the excess water is more extensive than regular use. The general policy of the Prattville Water Works will not change. When the water passes through your meter.

It will be delivered to the customer. And the delivery cost, the amount of Water received and must be paid by the commission. It is unfair to other customers diligent in maintaining their home water systems. So that the commission can make adjustments for customers with filters or use of unused Water.

Prattville Water Works Board Collect fees for garbage and sewers for the city of Prattville. However, they do not collect garbage or take care of equipment related to gutters. If you have any questions about billing for garbage dams, they have a form for submitting any inquiries.

Vital Information 

To our entire esteemed customer, it’s always important to remember that. Prattville waterworks board never sends unwanted email addresses. If you receive a message that claims to be sent from our server or computer. Remember that it is a scam.

These messages usually have a virus linked. If you receive one of these emails. Forward a copy to with the subject “Message abuse and ensure you delete”.


For maintenance, purposes Use the form of water survey and water distribution. To facilitate the submission and management of your care requests. If you regularly submit maintenance requests, ensure you check their page.

We want to remind our customers that. Whenever they need to dig close to the road, it’s advisable to get in touch first. We will look for free water routes or any equipment. Click on the online address to send an online request. Or use the “Contact Us” link to send a phone request.

We do not participate in the Alabama One Call. If you are sending a search request to Alabama One Call. You will still need to contact us to find the location of the water supply.

Customer support platform

In case a customer requires communicating with Prattville waterworks. They have a customer support page. Where you can give your issues, and also you can also contact them via mobile phone.

If you have issues while login into the Prattville waterworks account. Don’t worry, the Prattville customer support will help you in resetting your passwords.

Prattville waterworks main offices are located 114 E Main St Prattville, AL 36067. And their office working hours are from 0800hours to 1500hours. Their maintenance office is located 402 E 6th St Prattville, AL 36067 in Prattville city.

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