The Best TV Wall Mount Installation Services Near Me-The Service Focus

This Page only Describes TV wall mounting services near me. Having your TV at home is the best experience ever. But this one doesn’t matter so much, but installation does. How you get your stuff installed and wired is the best. It will always bring beauty to satisfaction.

So look for good TV installers near you today and experience the best today and for the rest of your life.

Below are some of the best TV installers you may want.

TV Wall Mounting Services near Me

1. The Service Focus Installers 

The Service Focus Installers is one of the best companies you can hire for your work. It has been in the market for a period of not less than 25 years with top reviews.

It has a lifetime warranty with good techs, experienced, and discipline. Trust your work today with Chicago and you never regret it!

Why hire Service Focus

  • Experienced in the market
  • Discipline technicians
  • They respond very first
  • Offer quality and reliable services
  • They have a lifetime warranty
  • Reasonable pricing from $67

Services offered are:

TV Wall Installations Installation features:

  • Conduct a pre-installation information walk-via upon arrival at your own home. More fees for any extra accessories quoted by the installer before doing any paints.
  • Secure a customer-furnished mounting bracket underneath a cabinet, or onto frame wall.
  • Mount and steady your flat-panel TV (display screen size 33″ magnificence or larger).
  • Connect the TV strength wire to a present AC electricity outlet (via floor mounting only)
  • Attach and conceal customer-supplied cables from the flat-panel TV to a single tuner. A/V supply thing or cable connection by way of routing up to 25 toes of cable thru one (1) stud bay in a single popular body wall.
  • Unpack and join your purchased video components in 1 room Includes VCR, DVD, and/or video game unit.
  • Integrate up to 7 non-networked additives or already linked to a present network.
  • Drill get admission to holes as wished for wiring inside cabinets.
  • Join and program the basic capabilities of your remote for smooth operation.
  • Ensure that every one wall-fished cable exit factor completed off. Either a wall bushing or specialized wall plate • Ensure that all remaining exposed wires and cables dressed, using wire ties as needed.
  • Clean-up work region and remove boxes, packaging substances, and installation debris.
  • Prove the operation of your new TV.
  • Approximate time: 1 hrs.


The construction techniques and substances used in your private home may affect installers’ capability to mount a TV where you will like.

To make certain that your desired installation is workable, do an in-home consultation.

The following are not blanketed with this service:

  • Programming of frequent-type learning remote • Moving, alteration, or installation of electrical outlets.
  • Tabletop TV Installation They will install your new TV on the tabletop or cupboard. And hook up additives like a DVD, TiVo, game console or video unit.

Installation features: Tabletop 

  • Conduct a pre-set up info walk-thru upon arrival at your property.

You will incur extra charges for any required add-ons using the installer before any work.

  • Unpack and connect your purchased TV to a single source. Do so with current cable, antenna, or satellite signal.
  • Unpack and connect your purchased video components in 1 room Includes VCR, DVD, and/or online game unit.
  • Integrate up to four-non-networked additives or additives already linked to an existing network.
  • Ensure that every one wire and cables dressed, the use of wire ties as needed.
  • Program the basic functions of your remote manage gadgets. It includes putting in place factory-supplied ordinary remote with the right codes. As consistent with manufacturing facility specifications.
  • Enable parental control capability and teach you on its use, if desired.
  • Clean up paintings place and do away with boxes, packaging substances and set up debris.
  • Show operation of your new equipment • approximate time: 1 hr.

The following aren’t blanketed with this service: 

  • New setup of DVR, TiVo, Sling box, or any networked type video additives.
  • Speaker and/or receiver setup.
  • Programming of standard-kind learning remote .
  • Holes drilled, wires hidden within walls or any type of custom in-wall wiring.

2. Washington Homeowners 

There’s a lot of recent television technology out there in shops now of year. For Washington country homeowners, winter is the appropriate time to buy a brand new TV. And settle in to watch your favorite movies.

Once you’ve brought your new TV. Removed it from the box, you’ll want to determine if you’re going to place it onto a TV stand. Wall mount the unit yourself or lease an experienced installer.

Most flat-screen TVs have pre-made holes. For the returned for wall mounting.

Here’s why:

  • Save ground space and reduce the clutter of cables and wires.
  • Create a graceful and contemporary look in any room.
  • Install your TV at the proper perspective and peak for quality viewing. If you decide that wall mounting is a high-quality option. Then use these guidelines to do the job yourself. Before beginning, examine the instructions that come with your flat-screen TV. Feature these important materials and tools prepared for you to begin:
  • Correct size mount for the TV
  • Pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Stud finder
  • Small degree and tape measure
  • Screwdriver
  • Power drill and bits.

Choose the area and viewing top Plan beforehand earlier than you start drilling holes in the wall! Consider these points while selecting the location:

  • For choicest viewing, your TV must be at eye level when sitting down to watch.
  • Choose a vicinity that has clean get admission to cable inputs and strength outlets.
  • Avoid mounting in direct sunlight to lessen glare.
  • Avoid mounting above a hearth to reduce harm from warmth and soot.

Attach mounting palms Place the TV face down onto a tender blanket. Then connect the fingers into the 4 holes at the back of the TV. The usage of the hardware that got here with the mounting kit. Make certain the mounting fingers are level and which you don’t over-tighten the bolts.

3. Locate wall studs 

Using the stud finder, discover studs to help the burden of the TV. Mark each stud with a pencil. Measure the gap between the bottom and top holes of the mounting palms. Mark the studs within the center to correspond with these holes. Use the extent to ensure the holes are even and straight.

4. Hang TV bracket 

Using the power drill, drill pilot holes into the marked studs. Attach the bracket to the wall with the furnished hardware. Checking with the extent to make sure it’s even before tightening.

5. Mounting TV to the wall 

Before hanging the TV, connect the cabling. Use a helper for easier installation, the region the TV onto the frame, adjusting if had to straighten. Make certain that you have secure connections. Do so by checking that your new flat display screen television is working. 6. Hiding wires if you want an easy and present-day end to your challenge. And without the visible mess of cables and wires, use these options:

  • Raceways – For less than $20, buy a pain-table cord control raceway. These kits are available for special configurations. And the paintings of your dimensions will match with the shape of your wall color.
  • TV wiring kits – For $50 to $100, install a TV wiring kit at the back of the wall to cover cables and wires. Want to go away wall mounting your new TV to a professional? Contact Home Advisor for help finding TV mounting services. Especially when you are in Washington State.


Consider today having the best installations on your home for your TV. It all goes well when you choose the right company to do for you. The Service Focus Installers and Washington Hometown are at your doorsteps for the best services.