Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

Walk-In Tub Shower Combo

Walk-In Tub Shower Combo is the best for our modern bathrooms. If you want to have an awesome shower full of comfort, then check for the best shower tubs.

Archi Expo brings you different varieties of Walk-in-Tub Shower. You’ve got the best showers from this company.

If you want ultra-modern ones then contact them.

Let`s see some of the best Walk-in-Tubs in your house;

Built-In Bathtub-Shower Combination/Rectangular/Composite/Walk-In


Construction:  in-built

Choice: – walk-in

Design: – rectangular

Dimension: – 29.5 x 70.9 inches/27.6 x 63 inches

Substance: – composite


Bathing in Hard Lite with enhanced entry


Designed with measurements of cm L 160÷180; W 70÷75; thin out 222


Roughly or lineal air pool patterns; limit upon qualified bar (only for Elle combi)

Bathtub material



Bathtub has:

i) Coordinated panels in Hard Lite,

ii) Glass door;

iii) Wall: 8 mm clear glass swinging door with opening 180°,

iv) Head shower,

v) Thermostatic mixer,

vi) Hand shower,

vii) Waterfall,

viii) Bathtub filler (only for Elle combi)


Fixed bath screen for niche installation, seat shelf in teak; light (only for Elle combi)

Rectangular Shower Base/Floor Level Resin/Non-Slip


i) Rectangular in shape

ii) Has a resin material

iii) Floor level design


Design to quantify the bathing container in a mineralite.

Design with inherent rock structure

The flow also equipped with in-built constructions


Features waste cover in finishing

Has a height of 1.38 inches

Made of resin – native rock with no-slip surface

Has a waste diameter of 0.9 inches

Design with edges and/or unique cuts

Free Standing Bath-Tub/Square Acrylic


Dimensions of 69.3 by 81.3 inches/79.1 by 86.6 inches

Its design is square

Free standing type


It is one of the most ultra-modern systems.

It supplements water with a lot of oxygen micro-bubbles

93117 Royal 52“ x 32“ Massage Whirlpool Walk-In-Tub

If you want this product shipped to you, then your shipping fee is free of charge


If you got a wider room or a royal-like home then this walk-in tub suits you.

It is a spacious kind of walk-in bathtub.

The royal bathtub gives you comfort things including detachable swivel tray. This tray is one of its own and you may not find it in other bathtubs.

The bathtub also has a broader back surface with a comfort seat.

It has a smooth pattern and many selections of the hand shower.

This is the best choice for those in need of an exclusive shower.

Equipped with a slip-resistant floor, two safety grab bars, and a binary drain technology. This gives the tub to drain in water as less than 80 seconds.

The walk-in bathtub features 2-2-inch drains, two spillage, and two drains. This ensures safety in walk-in-bathtub.

The walk-in bathtub has stainless steel. Also horizontal legs for ease during construction and durability.

It also has fiberglass and gel coat.


  • Features high quality type A material made from cast acrylic
  • Coated with fiberglass gel
  • Of/on button with ozone purification
  • Eight convertible stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty legs
  • Two-in-built protective grab bars
  • Thermostatic sway duct/valve
  • Easy to wash
  • Certified by ETL
  • Features four convertible hydro-jets
  • Designed with 10 air-jets and 14 hydro-jets
  • Features 60-inch compatible horse (stainless steel)
  • Features several led color; Chroma-therapy light

Transfer 52 x 32 inches Walk-In Combination Bathtub


The walk-in bathtub has free shipping offer

Shipping time takes 2-3 weeks.

The extra width gives bather extra room to relax.

The unit comes with a distinctive slip-resistant floor. A restorative massage jetting, and an outward swing door. It also has a reduced step threshold for quick access and two drains.

The particular bathtub comes with a couple of drains;

i) Overflow and,

ii) Metal steel operated opener with reliable drainage.

What’s Incorporated?

  • Pump
  • Drain Assembly/ Squander
  • Overflow Drain
  • Tub Waste/ Overflow & Waste System
  • Faucet
  • Features
  • Fill faucet (18GPM) with pull out hand bathtub
  • Dual 2-inch drain intended for fast reliable drainage +/- 90 seconds. At excellent home plumbing conditions
  • Merchandise Information
  • Material: Acrylic
  • Water filters Included: Yes
  • Drain Position: Left

9318 HB4F Elite Acrylic Air and Hydro-Massage Walk-In Bathtub

The walk-in bathtub features the right inward swing door.

It also has a fast-fill faucet system, 2-inch dual drain, and four-fold shower screen.


The Ella Elite Dual Therapeutic massage acrylic walk-in bathtub has 4-Fold Screen. It also has 5-Piece Anti-scald Thermostatic.

It also has control Regulators Faucet Set measured for the average bather. This comes equipped together with a comfortable wide twenty-one-3/4 “molded couch.

It also features exclusive Ella patented detachable swivel tray.

Also features custom-crafted brushed metal door with frosted reinforced glass. And an exclusive 4-Fold Screen for walk-in bathtubs.

The 4-fold bathtub screen door is convenient for regular bathtub curtains. Compatible to fit on walk-in bathtubs in tight cubbyhole opening or corner installations.

This Euro-style semi-frameless 4-fold shower screen gives a good airy open feeling. With the option to press the screen aside easily.

The durable construction of 1/8″ solid lightweight glass has anodized aluminum frames. This allows smooth door operation using equipped high-quality geared knobs. It is strong enough to withstand rigorous daily use.

Moreover, the lowest step-in threshold, bumpy slip-resistant floor.

It also has deck mounted grab pubs work in unison allowing for easy and safe entrance and exit from the bathtub.

The acrylic shell is backed by a sturdy stainless-steel frame. It features changeable leveling legs. This gives an individual a safe, sturdy, and long-lasting walk-in bathtub.

The Dual Drain Technology (DDT) consists of two (2) operated 2″ metal gravity. It has driven drains that will ensure that your walk-in tub drains. It additionally minimizes the period it takes for an individual to exit the bathtub.

Each drain gets furnished with its metal overflow and cable controlled drain opener. With expanded handle for a much easier grip. Typical drainage {period is approximately +/-80 secs at ideal in-home domestic plumbing conditions.

Having two the law of gravity-driven 2″ drains not only provides you with quick and reliable drainage. Furthermore, it acts as a basic safety feature in case a single drain fails or gets clogged. This enables you to stay safe and drain and exit the particular walk-in tub.

The canal can get connected employing a PVC Tee or PCV Y connecter for the standard 1/2 “. Or 2” house drain.

We all recommend using 2″ PVC to connect the canal for the quicker drainage period. Gravity driven drains definitely of one of the most trustworthy on the market. This needs no electricity to run.

The electrically driven canal may fail due to electrical shorts or electric power outages.

Unit weight

52.25” L x 29.75” W x 38”

Sitting Area Length

End to End-21.75”

Sitting Area Width

Front to Back-13”

Soaking Depth


Omit Product Weight

310 lb.


Are you in of walk-in-bathtubs? Check from some of the above listed merchandizes.

They are the best and trustworthy in the market. Have them today and you will have a great experience!

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